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30 years ago today, Brooks & Dunn released their legendary song, “Neon Moon”


Brooks & Dunn’s The iconic song “Neon Moon” is probably the greatest honky tonk bar stool heartbreak track of all time.

And on that date in 1992, the duo released it as the third single from their debut album. Brand new man. Written solo by Ronnie Dunn, it eventually became the duo’s third consecutive No. 1 single on the country charts.

It’s hard to overstate how important the song was to the country genre, especially during the glorious era that was 90s country, and it hasn’t remained an absolute timeless heartbreaker for 30 years. , not for a reason.

Last year he even exploded on TikTokwhich is a whole other story, but still… it shows just how amazing the song really is that high school kids around the world in 2022 might consider it one of their favorite songs.

“Neon Moon” captures the essence of heartache and loneliness that comes with drinking your troubles by the glow of a dark bar under neon light like no other country song ever has and ever will. probably never.

kix Explain that, of course, it was the track that propelled them to mainstream country prominence early in their career:

“After all these years, I hear more people say, ‘Dude, I like ‘Neon Moon.’ himself, and I’m giving her a hard time, she’s just so successful.

But he’s right, the night we won our first prizes, you know big prizes, we won two ACMs that night. It was the same week that ‘Neon Moon’ hit #1. And the following week, our sales doubled. And it really started to explode.

And then ‘Boot Scootin’ Boogie’ was the single after that. These next two years have been as exciting as you could ever dream of when learning to tune a guitar.

In the most Texas way possible, Ronnie added that he didn’t think it could have been more amazing to see their career grow the way it did thanks to this song:

“It’s as fast as a horse can run.”

Check them out singing it in 1992 at Fort Worth’s iconic venue, Billy Bob’s Texas, on The Nashville Network:

And speaking of Ronnie, he has a brand new album on the way that will take inspiration from Brooks & Dunn’s ’90s honky tonk sound called 100 Proof Neon.

He released the first single, “Broken Neon Hearts”a few weeks ago and this is JAM: