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76-year-old man marked for life in mass rammy attack in pub


A retiree has been scarred for life after being slashed in a terrifying pub rammy.

Violence erupted at the bar on Saturday night involving a number of punters after two men were allegedly involved in an earlier physical confrontation.

It appears the 76-year-old was struck with a blade and a bar worker who tried to intervene to stop the violence was also injured.

Lanarkshire Live reports that the rammy erupted at 10pm at 100 Acre Bar in Rutherglen and it is not known whether the old man was involved in the trouble or if he was an innocent bystander.

The police are trying to find the person responsible for the attack on OAP.

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Inspector Kevin Miller of the Rutherglen Police Station said: “An altercation occurred at the premises between a 30-year-old man and a 31-year-old man, one of whom has now been found and arrested.

“This disruption resulted in another multi-party altercation in which a 76-year-old man suffered multiple lacerations resulting in serious injuries.

“A bar staff member was also injured while attempting to intervene and break up the fight. The investigation is live and ongoing with the CID to identify and track down the suspect responsible for the serious assault on the man. 76 years old.


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