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Cyclo Now Offers Refreshing Vietnamese Seafood and Beef Hot Pot – This is Shanghai


Owned by a Franco-Vietnamese father and son duo, Cyclo offers an authentic Vietnamese dining experience.

Classics such as spring rolls, pork vermicelli, banh mi and pho – springy vermicelli and tender strips of beef in a fragrant beef bone broth – use fresh ingredients and are brought to you by a welcoming and accommodating staff.

Image by Sophie Steiner/It’s

Image by Sophie Steiner/It’s

Image by Sophie Steiner/It’s

The second branch (and only current location) of this popular Vietnamese restaurant is inside Found 158an open-air underground complex in the middle of a park on Julu Lu. Here you will find Vietnamese specialties, as well as Lao and Cambodian dishes.

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From the beginning of 2022, Cyclo started offering Vietnamese hot pot sets for dinner.

Choose between a Seafood Hot Pot (RMB78) base – an umami-rich seafood broth loaded with shrimp, pineapple, lemongrass and tomatoes – or a Vietnamese Beef Fondue (RMB68) base – a herbal beef broth seasoned with anise, Chinese cardamom and mushrooms.

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Or do as we do and opt for both, the Dual Flavor Hot Pot (RMB88).

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Cyclo has an extensive menu covering meat, seafood, mushrooms and vegetables, with 35 other additions to choose from.

Or you can purchase one of the sets including:

the Vietnamese Beef Fondue (RMB188) including a 150 gram meat platter of sliced ​​beef, pork neck, coconut chicken and beef tongue, plus a mixed vegetable platter, with the Vietnamese beef soup base.

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the Seafood Hot Pot (RMB238) features a seafood platter of six shrimp, 200 grams of clams, 150 grams of sliced ​​fish, four crab sticks, four shrimp balls, four fish balls and a mixed vegetable platter, along with the soup base of seafood.

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Finally, there is the Dual Flavor Hot Pot (RMB368) which covers all the bases with a meat and seafood platter including six shrimp, 200 grams of clams, 150 grams of fish slices, four crab sticks, four shrimp balls, four fish balls, 150 grams of beef and a mixed vegetable platter with a duo of seafood and beef broths.

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Each set also comes with three delicious dipping sauces – a mild Thai chili sauce, a lemon pepper sauce, and a hot calamansi sauce.

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Our favorite part of the whole Vietnamese hot pot experience – you can actually drink the broth.

And it’s downright delicious.

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The seafood soup base is our favourite, a tangy and refreshing broth reminiscent of a light Tom Yum, while the beef soup is aromatically spiced, with a herbal finish.

Whichever you choose, both are equally fragrant, healthy, and ideal for warming your soul in the dreary Shanghai winter.

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We also strongly suggest ordering the shrimp and fish balls; they’re tasty and springy, bouncing like golf balls in broth.

Image by Sophie Steiner/It’s

Image by Sophie Steiner/It’s

Pair your hotpot with one of their classic cocktails or signature creations.

We suggest the Love Rose (RMB80) with whiskey, vodka, egg white, pineapple and lemon juice.

Or the Shanghai Sky (RMB65), a notably neon blue libation due to the addition of Blue Curaçao, plus Malibu rum, lychee juice, gin and vodka.

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The hotpot is expected to remain on Cyclo’s menu through the end of the cold and summer season due to its already growing popularity, but we suggest dropping by soon to tackle Shanghai’s impending cold front before spring arrives.

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See a listing for Cyclo.

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