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Detroit bars and restaurants set for first ‘normal’ opening day since 2019


(WXYZ) – The excitement of the Detroit Tigers opening day goes beyond the thrill of baseball. Businesses in downtown Detroit are hoping for a boost this spring and summer, especially after a limited-capacity opening day last year.

They are thrilled with the near-normal opening day and are preparing to welcome fans back for one of Detroit’s biggest parties.

“It’s a long time coming. It’s a vacation downtown and it’s good to see it again. It really is,” said fan George Fillar.

“The season is here. The weather is breaking. It’s still cold on opening day, but it’s like a rite of passage. It’s like Michigan,” another fan said.

Stephanie Prechel, general manager of Anchor Bar on Fort St., said she and her team are excited to start serving again after the temporary closure in January.

“We’re so excited to have everyone back. Welcoming our returning alumni and our regulars and all the new faces,” Prechel said.

Anchor Bar is a Detroit staple and a known hangout for downtown Detroit workers, sports fans and legendary journalists.

They have a new menu while retaining iconic staples. Drink specials will be held on Fridays and they will open at 9am for opening day.

“The more the better. I would love to see everyone celebrate opening day,” Prechel said.

On Adams St. near Comerica Park, Brass Rail will be throwing dough and baking fresh pizza for fans.

“Honestly, opening day is a Detroit holiday. It’s a Detroit holiday. People want to go out and party and thank goodness it’s a Friday, sometimes it’s a Monday or a Tuesday and it’s not as busy,” Kevin Weathers, the Brass Rail bar manager, said.

Weathers said it will be one of the busiest days he has seen in nearly five years, and they will open at 9 a.m.

“We’ll be open, volume permitting. We don’t have a set closing time. We’ll be open as long as we’re making money. I expect the splurge and I accept that,” Weathers said.