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Hyderabad: last drink at 1am? Hopeful Bar Owners | Hyderabad News

HYDERABAD: Soon revelers in the pubs and bars of Hyderabad could have their last drink at 1 a.m. Or so it seems, with industry sources hinting at the possibility of club schedules being extended by an hour, following meetings with government officials.
Currently, all water points in the city must close their shutters at midnight. This rule was put in place in 2017, shortly after the high-profile drug trafficking that put several T-town celebrities under the scanner. He also unmasked a network of suppliers.
Four years later – after a pandemic – these establishments demanded some relief.
“Members of the hospitality industry recently met with senior state government officials where this issue was discussed. Authorities have been made aware of the losses suffered by the industry during the lockdown and how an extension would benefit them. Officials verbally accepted the proposal, ”said an informed industry representative.
While Telangana’s Excise Minister V Srinivas Goud told TOI that the government has yet to make a final decision on the matter, he agreed the proposal is under consideration. “We are currently studying the rules and regulations in place in other states. Once we do that, we’ll discuss it and take a call, ”Goud said.
Pub owners said the decision, if implemented, would benefit them. “One hour of overtime means an increase in income of about 20%. This is crucial for us right now as we are still under the impact of the lockdown, ”said Dheeraj Melwani, president of the Hyderabad Restro-Lounges Association.
He added: “Right now, most revelers are expected to start leaving the premises from 11:30 pm. It is too early because many do not intervene until after 10 p.m., after work. The extension will prove to be a win-win for everyone – us, our guests and the government. ”


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