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Lunar Hard Seltzer teams up with 3 iconic Asian restaurants for a limited release


New York, New York- On May 15, Lunar, the first-ever brand of Asian artisanal seltzer water, will launch the second in its series of limited-edition collaborations with iconic Asian restaurants in New York City. For the Heritage Line: Sunset Edition, co-founders Sean Ro and Kevin Wong worked closely with Michelin-star-winning Jeju Noodle Bar, James Beard semi-finalist Win Son and rising superstar Bonnie’s to develop three hard seltzers inspired by the bustling yet relaxing atmosphere of an Asian seaside market.

Launched in time for Asia-Pacific American Heritage Month in May, the Heritage Line demonstrates Lunar’s mission to represent the AAPI community and diaspora, especially in New York, where co-founders Ro and Wong were born and have grown. Released in 2021 (and sold out online within 3 hours), the first Heritage line included Pineapple Cake and Mango Chili Salt hard seltzers co-developed by chefs/owners of New York restaurants Di An Di and 886. The Pineapple Cake seltzer was the first ever to be made with MSG.

“As a local New York brand, we are incredibly honored to be working again with local AAPI business owners who have inspired us so much: Douglas Kim from Jeju Noodle Bar, Josh Ku from Win Son and Calvin Eng from Bonnie’s” , Lunar said. co-founder Sean Ro. “Not only did these three bring years of culinary expertise to the table, but they also channeled their own personal memories and Asian American experiences into these one-of-a-kind seltzers.”

As with Lunar’s core line of Korean plum, yuzu, passion fruit and lychee seltzers, all Heritage Line seltzers are made with real ingredients sourced from Asia and the United States. Created specifically for upcoming summer drinks, Heritage Line: Sunset Edition seltzers include:

Mint Omija with Jeju Noodle Bar

Inspired by the Korean summer delicacy (magnolia berry punch or schisandra berry punch), Mint Omija is a complex yet balanced seltzer. Mint in Lunar’s interpretation enhances the amazing flavors provided by omija, also known as the “five flavor berry” for the main taste sensations it provides: sweet, sour, bitter, salty and even spicy . This delicious sensory experience is a perfect match for Chef Douglas Kim’s journey of flavors at Jeju Noodle Bar, which was the first noodle bar in the United States to receive a Michelin star thanks to the unique way it showcases flavors and flavors. Korean cultures. Jeju specializes in ramyun – not ramen.

Teresa Teng (citrus, cranberry) with Win Son

Before BTS, there was Teresa Teng, the first true international Asian music superstar, and this refreshing blend of cucumber and spice is also more than her catalog of music. ‘The eternal queen of Asian pop’ died in 1995 after a 30-year career that profoundly influenced much of Asia; Hoping to amplify his legacy with local Brooklyn audiences, Win Son’s Taiwanese American owner Josh Ku named one of the restaurant’s inaugural cocktails after him. Lunar relied on Win Son’s tributary cocktail with that honorary flavor of hard seltzer. Crisp, lemony cranberry flavors mingle with seductive aromas, making this a tangy drink with a hint of smoky complexity that will have you coming back for another sip – just like you would for another Teresa Teng song.

Salted Kumquat with Bonnie’s

A perfect warm weather drink that’s our answer to everyday mimosa orange juice, this limited edition Lunar flavor was inspired by a traditional Chinese-American remedy – kumquats preserved in salt and sugar, then steeped in hot tea to soothe a sore throat. Our version is a sweet, tangy, lemony dream with a hint of salt and MSG for added depth, making it an unprecedented hard seltzer. The palace pays homage to the must-have kumquat kept in the refrigerator of American Cantonese chef Calvin Eng’s mother, who gave his name to Bonnie’s, his Williamsburg hotspot restaurant.

The mission behind Lunar’s endless search for fun and delicious flavors is to increase cultural awareness and representation within the predominantly white segment of brewing and soda water. Through the Heritage Line, they continue to share the stories and lived experiences of their AAPI partners.

“Sean and I are just two Asian kids from New York, but we have big dreams beyond just selling drinks,” Wong says. “We created Lunar to make the beverage world more open and diverse. In many ways, our own journey as POC founders and entrepreneurs is a microcosm for the larger AAPI experience of learning to be proud of your culture so you can share it with the world – and in doing so, make the better world, more place of understanding.

Lunar’s Heritage Line’s new “Sunset Edition” will be launched at the upcoming Sunset Fest event, taking place May 14 at New York’s beloved Pearl River Mart. Tickets are available online. Lunar’s Heritage Line is available for pre-order now and will be available for national shipping via their website on May 15, and individual flavors will be available at their respective restaurants.


Founded in 2020, Lunar’s core line is the first and only artisanal seltzer water made with real fruits from Asia. Lunar aims to pioneer the next generation of RTDs by making beverages with unique flavors that celebrate identity, heritage and culture. As a minority-owned, Brooklyn-based brand, Lunar proudly donates one percent of its profits to nonprofits and causes supporting the AAPI community. Consumers can experience Lunar’s unique flavors of yuzu, lychee, Korean plum and passion fruit in stores in NY, VA and GA, as well as online.

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