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Man cave: dad creates an underground bar in his backyard for $ 37,000


Determined to build the cave of the man of his dreams without sacrificing his back lawn, this father has created a gem hidden under his shed.

A father spent $ 37,000 to transform his backyard by creating a secret bunker bar.

Jody Wainright, 41, from the UK, says his family loves the stylish underground pub as much as he does.

But his wife isn’t a big fan of the time he spends there watching football, The Sun reports.

The father-of-two and his family were completing their self-build when he decided to build an underground bar using the remaining materials.

Jody chose an underground bar to save space in the garden and because it’s something he’s never seen before.

“I thought a bunker bar would be something different from the typical bars that people usually build in their gardens,” he said.

“It’s something that is off the beaten track and also has the wow factor because it’s not something you see all the time.

“After initially joking with the builder I wanted an underground bar, a week later they started digging the hole in the ground.

“My favorite thing about the bar is that no one knows he’s there. There is a shed above so it’s well disguised.

“The structure was completed in about six weeks and we spent about $ 37,000 on the materials for the bunker. “

One of the biggest challenges he faced was keeping the water out and waterproofing the top of the bunker.

The secret underground bar also doubles as a movie theater where Jody and his family enjoy watching movies on a big screen TV.

There is also a screen that descends from the ceiling that Jody uses to watch sports.

He said the bar was “a godsend” during Covid lockdowns since last year.

“It was great to have a beautiful space that we could enjoy and enjoy as a family,” he said.

“My kids love the bar. They are always there to party with their friends or watch movies.

“My wife likes it too, although I’m not sure she likes how many times I’m there to watch football.

“When we have people there, they are blown away by the bunker when they see it. It’s not every day that you walk into an underground bar.

The bar has a seating area in the corner, a bar at one end of the room with draft beer and cider.

There are also a few sofas for punters to relax in and a table in the middle.

Jody added, “It’s pretty glamorous and I also have a few pieces of sports memorabilia on display.

“It’s great for us when we have friends around because you can have the music louder because people can’t hear it because we’re underground.

“So we can’t disturb the neighbors, which is always a plus.

This article was originally published by The Sun and reproduced with permission