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Scottish teenager invents Cadbury chocolate bar but new flavors divide nation


Cadbury has divided opinion among chocolate addicts as three new bars are being launched.

Fans have the option to choose their favorites from the latest selection, Birmingham Live reports.

The three new flavors of the ‘Cadbury Inventor’ range.

And one of the smart designers is Sophie, a 19-year-old Scottish student.

Sophie is the mastermind behind No Frownie Brownie.

Sophie created No Frownie Brownie

She told the Record: “I created this bar as an ode to my mom’s favorite treat.

“We’re both chocolate addicts and love to bake brownies in the kitchen together on a rainy day, so having a Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bar with brownie pieces is our dream come true. “

Buyers can choose from Fizzing Cherry, Banoffee Nut Crumble, and No Frownie Brownie.

All three bars hit the shelves for £ 1.49 each.

The products are also online at cadburyinventor.com and cadburygiftsdirect.co.uk.

Cadbury is responsible for some of our most iconic bars including Twirl, Wispa and Dairy Milk.

Cadbury divides buyers with controversial new bars

But could these newcomers compete with these old favorites?

Cadbury fans regularly claim the company to bring back some of the bars so beloved and long lost.

The Spira and the Caramilk are among constantly sought-after favorites – as well as the Dream bar.

But these new favorites, designed by fans for fans, could wreak havoc.

But on social media, not everyone was impressed.

“Ewww no thanks,” said one of them.

“None of these please,” said a second.

“Cadbury chocolate is disgusting, it’s not a fan anymore, Lindt chocolate is way better,” said a third.

“None because I don’t like dairy milk chocolate,” said a fourth.

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Pippa Rodgers, Cadbury Tablets Brand Manager at Cadbury, added: “We know the Cadbury Inventor competition is a fan favorite because it allows you to explore and taste delicious new ingredients and flavors, and this year has really placed the bar high.

“With Josh, Roxy and Sophie, we couldn’t be more excited to share the three delicious flavors of Cadbury Dairy Milk with the nation – but unfortunately there can only be one winner.

“It’s time for us to ask our experts, the fans, to ‘be the judge’ and decide which bar deserves to come back to the supermarket shelves next year!”

All three bars will be available from June 21 at all major retailers in the UK and Ireland.

Fans can vote for their favorite bar to be crowned the latest Dairy Milk bar to join the iconic line on the website until September 5.

The winner will be announced in September.

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