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Scottish ‘The Devil’ pub bouncer beat her ex so much she thought she was going to die and put another in hospital


A pub bouncer nicknamed “the devil” has been convicted of a campaign of terror against two former lovers.

Kevin Raymond, 28, has put women through painful trials at his violent hands.

One believed she was going to die while the other ended up in hospital after showing up to the bar where he worked on a shift.

The women were praised by a judge after their evidence led Raymond to be found guilty after a trial in Glasgow High Court.

The first offender was convicted of assaulting the two at risk to their lives.

He was further guilty of sexually assaulting one of the victims, but acquitted of raping her.

The crimes took place between 2015 and 2019, primarily at addresses in Helensburgh, Argyll and Bute, as well as Raymond’s home in Alexandria, West Dunbartonshire.

Raymond was sobbing on the dock as Lady Haldane warned him to expect jail when he was sentenced on New Years.

One of the ex-lovers recounted how Raymond treated her first “well” before things “quickly turned sour.”

He told her, “No matter where you are, I have someone looking at you.”

She was previously beaten after filming at the Logie Baird pub in Helensburgh where Raymond worked.

The 23-year-old said: “He pushed me on the chest and shoulders. He then opened the emergency exit and let me down.”

The woman recalled being hit and said she “must have passed out”

She said there was “blood spurting” and thought her nose was broken.

She added: “I remember being hysterical in the ambulance.”

The victim then took “selfies” of her “busted face” and sent them to a friend.

He included the caption: “I have black eyes now – great. “

The woman told District Attorney Eilidh Roberston how Raymond also lost the plot when he saw a message from one of his male friends.

She remembers, “It was like that anger had invaded his face. It was like the devil and he was going mad.

“He called me all the names under the sun.”

Raymond continued to grab her by the throat and throw her to the ground.

Jurors heard that he once sexually assaulted the woman in front of her friend.

The ex-partner recalls, “He was talking about having sex. I said no, but he thought I was continuing.

“He then turned around and started trying to take my pants off.”

Raymond finally stopped and “tried to laugh about it.”

The woman insisted it was “inappropriate”.

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Raymond also got angry with a retiree who jokingly offered the woman a rose.

He told his then partner, “What’s his name? I’m going to fuck him up.”

Raymond further attacked the woman after she attended a wine tasting with a male co-worker.

A former girlfriend recounted how she was initially assaulted “once a month” before it happened “every week”.

The 25-year-old remembers: “He hit me, gave me a head butt, choked me.”

When asked how she felt during an attack, the woman replied, “Like I’m going to die.”

He strangled her at home after she also showed up at the bar where he worked.

Raymond said to his sobbing lover, “Stop panicking. You make it worse for yourself.”

The woman described Raymond as “really jealous”.

Witness: “I stopped going out a lot and lost a bunch of my friends because of it.

“I was scared. He was telling me that no one else would want me.”

Raymond had his bail held pending sentencing on January 18 in Dundee. He was put on the sex offender list.

Lady Haldane told him: “You have been convicted of a number of charges of abusive and violent behavior towards two women as well as sexual assault.

“It would have taken a lot of courage for these women to testify and the gravity of the offenses makes a custodial sentence almost inevitable.”