Home Pub bar The Dolphin pub neighbor on Broadstairs says rowdy, drunken punters make the nights unbearable

The Dolphin pub neighbor on Broadstairs says rowdy, drunken punters make the nights unbearable


Angry neighbor says rowdy bettors at a party pub are making life hell with unbearable drunken and offensive behavior.

They say customers at the Dolphin in Broadstairs knock on their doors late at night, scream and scream, do drugs and even woke their children up by engaging in an obscene act.

The Dolphin at Broadstairs. Image: Google Street View

The angry comments came from an objection to a license application from new owner Max Williams, who took over the Albion Street pub in June.

He wants to extend the opening hours by one hour, to 2 a.m. from Sunday to Thursday, and to 2:30 a.m. on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Kent Police accepted a temporary event notice for an hour extension in November and Mr Williams is hoping to make it a permanent thing.

But in a strongly worded objection, a neighbor listed many concerns about the behavior of punters and asked the Thanet Council’s licensing subcommittee not to agree to the change.

“There is a lot of anti-social behavior at night around The Dolphin pub and Alexandra Road, including lewd acts, public urination on private property, rowdy behavior, yelling and shouting,” the resident said. .

“My children were once awakened by a couple engaging in an obscene act”

“There is drug use and trafficking around the pub, including the Albion Street parking lot.

“My family is regularly woken up by drug dealers, people who use our car as a toilet, and rowdy drunken behavior. This is caused by the nighttime discharge of drunk people.”

The resident says the drinkers in the pub’s back garden are too loud, as is the music inside, and longer opening hours will make this unbearable.

“My children are regularly woken up by screaming crowds, urinating talking and screaming adults, drug addicts outside their bedroom windows and on one occasion by a couple engaging in an obscene act.

“I try to protect them from the fear as best I can by saying they’re just drunk people walking by, but there’s not much I can do.

The Dolphin pub in Albion Street
The Dolphin pub in Albion Street

“Right now, this is already happening way too late at night. Later hours will mean my kids will be disturbed until 3 am.

“These events already happen most evenings of the week, not just weekends.”

But a response from license officers Knight Training UK Ltd, on behalf of Mr Williams, says the new owner wants to “continue to be a good neighbor and take an active role in making Broadstairs a great place to live, work and s. ‘to have fun’.

“We understand that you have concerns about the lack of regulation and policing of the premises,” said the officer.

“We want to assure you that our client takes the responsibilities that accompany a business license very seriously.

“Since taking over management of the premises in June of this year, our client has continually strived to operate their business to ensure the safety of local residents and to protect their neighbors, under their control, from any public nuisance.

The agent says that a policy of dispersal has been put in place and that the management of the premises applies a policy of zero tolerance in matters of drugs.

“Problems outside the premises must be dealt with with the local authorities,” she added.

“If a group of customers are hanging out near the premises after it has closed, staff will politely ask them to leave as quickly as possible – in accordance with the dispersal policy.

“This holds the bar responsible for preventing anyone from congregating directly outside the premises.”

The officer said the garden is continuously monitored by security personnel from 8 p.m. until closing on Friday and Saturday, and that a new audio system inside is at a volume that allows bar staff to easily do its job.

The Thanet Council’s licensing subcommittee will discuss the request for extended hours in a meeting on Thursday at 3 p.m.