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This solar is for you: Budweiser helps bars connect to renewable electricity


The Budweiser beer brand will step up plans to help bars and venues around the world switch to renewable electricity as part of parent company AB InBev’s drive to achieve net-zero emissions across its beer value chain. here 2040.

The company said it has already helped more than 2,000 local pubs in Brazil and Ireland switch to renewable electricity, but is looking to take the global approach with the launch of a new scheme called The Energy Collective.

As part of this approach, The Energy Collective will partner with a local energy supplier, who can then offer sites that join the initiative cost savings and access to renewable energy infrastructure.

The aim is to build on the success Budweiser has already had in Brazil, where it has partnered with local supplier Lemon Energy to provide hundreds of bars with access to renewable energy tariffs. The initiative has saved 291 metric tons of carbon per year, and the Collective has set a goal of converting 250,000 locations across Brazil to renewable electricity by 2025, which could generate savings estimated at 36,375 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). per year, which is equivalent to taking 7,991 cars off the road.

“Consumers yearn for a better world where the things they love last,” said Todd Allen, vice president of global marketing at Budweiser. “The Energy Collective is helping to make it easier to power the things people love with renewable electricity, while helping to close the gap between what consumers want and what businesses can do. We’re just getting started. Our bold dream is that every bar, venue and stadium in the world that serves Budweiser would be powered by renewable electricity.”

The latest commitment follows a promise from Budweiser in 2015 to brew its beer with 100% renewable electricity by 2025. The company said it has already achieved this goal in many markets, allowing the company to focus on connecting the companies it supplies to renewable energy sources, through the Collectif Energie.

Will Morgan, managing director of Jerry Flannery’s in Limerick, Ireland, said the ability to collectively buy clean energy had already resulted in financial savings for his bar. “By being connected to renewable electricity through local providers through The Energy Collective, I have already been able to reduce my monthly electricity costs by around 10%,” he said. “It has also been a topic of conversation with many of my customers to discuss the importance of renewable electricity and creating a better future for us all.”

AB InBev has announced that it will launch a pilot project to expand the program to Colombia this year, while exploring other opportunities to roll out the model in a number of additional countries, including the UK, Chile and Italy. ‘Uruguay.

“When Budweiser decided to brew beer with renewable electricity, we knew we could do so much more in the area of ​​renewable energy as a global brand,” said Ezgi Barcenas, director of sustainability at AB InBev. . “Launching The Energy Collective allows us to help businesses around the world, leveraging our scale to enable our customers to get more sustainable energy at more affordable rates.”