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Trio courtroom ashamed of indecent acts at James Watt Bar


A TRIO that engaged in inappropriate ‘disgusting’ acts of public indecency in Greenock’s largest pub remained ashamed in court as CCTV footage of their behavior was shown on screens.

Charley Malone, James Hainey and Sophie Fitzgerald were told by a sheriff that they should be “completely ashamed, dismayed and embarrassed” by what they did at the James Watt Bar.

Prosecutor Lindy Scaife chose not to describe what was happening in the footage in her narration of the case.

She told Sheriff Joseph Hughes: “I would invite your lordship to watch the CCTV.

“This is a case where the pictures speak a thousand words.”

Malone, 28, Hainey, 33, and Fitzgerald, 25, had already pleaded guilty the day they were due to stand trial.

Fitzgerald performed or imitated a sexual act on Malone and both admitted to doing an inappropriate act in a public place.

Hainey and Fitzgerald, pictured, – whom the court heard now live together – then removed their lower garments and Fitzgerald sat on Hainey’s lap while facing him.

A pub patron who stumbled across their antics in the beer garden on July 18 reported them to a manager on duty.

Tax MP Ms Scaife said: “The three defendants then entered the main part of the pub and the manager approached them and asked them to leave.

“Charley Malone got aggressive towards the manager by putting himself in front of him while cursing and shouting insults at him.

“The manager escorted the three from the pub.

“Charley Malone stood at the door and started yelling at the staff.”

Malone’s lawyer Manus Tolland said: “He has had time to reflect on his actions as he has been in pre-trial detention since July 19.

“He intends to move to Northumbria, where his mother is located.

“The lease he had here has been lost to him.

“He said in the background report that his behavior was just shameful.”

Fitzgerald’s attorney, Aidan Gallagher, said: “Her memories of the event itself are somewhat limited and she is very embarrassed and ashamed.

“By the time the footage was released, she was ducking her head, I imagine with shame.

“There has been some publicity about this before and I would have thought there would probably be more.

“She’s still a young woman who might benefit from a referral.”

Speaking to Hainey, Mr Gallagher said: “He too is rightly ashamed and embarrassed on an equal footing.

“He also really has remorse.”

Sheriff Hughes told the trio: “The conduct of the three of you in the James Watt pub was disgusting.

“The video surveillance performed captures the role that each of you played.

“The people of Greenock should never be exposed to such acts.”

Malone was ordered to do 270 hours of unpaid labor and put through a three-year supervision program that included drug treatment.

He was also put on a five-month electronic tagging curfew between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. each day.

Hainey was told he had to do 180 hours of unpaid work and would be on a supervision order, with alcohol coverage, for two years.

He too is subject to a nighttime curfew for three months.

Fitzgerald, formerly of West Blackhall Street, has been placed under three-year watch and five-month marking order.

The court heard that she and Hainey now reside together in Ayrshire.