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Video shows threats at bar | News, Sports, Jobs


WARREN – A Southington man was arrested Tuesday night after being dragged out of the Peace Pub on Parkman Road NW on charges of threatening a bartender who took away his beer for speaking inappropriately loudly on his cell phone.

Raymond G. Lucas, 54, of state Route 534, Southington, appeared by video conference Wednesday morning before Warren City Court Judge Thomas Gysegem, who ordered the accused’s release on personal bail. Provided that connection is made, Lucas is not to visit the Peace Bar or have any contact with the 37-year-old bartender.

A preliminary hearing on the aggravated threat charge is set for Lucas on February 1.

According to a police report from Warren, a man called 911 to request an ambulance at the pub. The report states that a man, identified as Lucas, was dragged out of the bar around 11:30 pm Officers found Lucas lying flat on his back in the parking lot, his hands on his chest and his legs crossed.

An officer entered the bar to watch the security video, which showed Lucas getting angry with the bartender after she took away the beer because he was screaming and threatening another woman on his cell phone.

After getting his beer taken away, the man began threatening the bartender, according to the report. When she tells him to leave, he refuses – shouting that he was going to blow up the bar and the bartender.

At this point, the video shows other men in the bar grabbing the man by the shoulders and starting to pull him out. After a struggle, patrons start dragging him out of the bar by his coat and out into the parking lot.

Lucas denied the charges, the report says, but then asked officers to arrest him.

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